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Design Research and Virtual Patients

Paper that describes how design research can be used in designing virtual simulations. [education][design research][virtual patient]

    Nerve, interplay, and design-based research: Advancing experiential learning and the design of virtual patient simulations

   Advancing virtual patient simulations and experiential learning with InterPLAY: Examining how theory informs design and design informs theory

Team training using virtual human

Paper that describes how virtual human can be used in team training. [team training][virtual human][User studies]

Clinical students professional skills training using virtual human

Paper that analyzes the viability to train students communication skills by using virtual patient.[Virtual patient][Education][Communication skill]
Paper that analyzes the viability to train students empathetic communication skill by using virtual patient.[Empathetic communication][Virtual patient]
Paper that talks about how to train clinical students’ skills by virtual patient. [Education][Clinical reasoning training][virtual patient]
Paper that describes how to teach empathy to medical students by virtual patients.[Education][Virtual patient][Empathy]

Teaching Empathy in Healthcare: From Mirror Neurons to Education Technology

Paper that assesses the learning needs of health professionals. [Education][Patient Health][Virtual human]

Generate question--answer chat interaction with virtual human

Paper that discusses how to create experiential learning opportunities in the form of a question--answer chat interaction with virtual humans.   [Crowdsourced][Bootstrapping][Interaction]

Use virtual reality in cognitive rehabilitation

Paper that describes the potentials and challenges for use in cognitive rehabilitation of instrumental activities of daily living.[Rehabilitation][Virtual Reality][Cognitive]

Decrease the influence caused by patient characteristics to doctors

Paper that discusses how patient’s characteristics affect pain management decisions of health care providers and try to decrease the effect.[Pain Management Disparities][Pain Treatment][Provider Characteristics][Empathy]

Research about people’s perception of knowledge from the virtual human

Paper that records and analyzes people’s reaction to virtual human and degree of perception of knowledge from the virtual human.[Virtual human][User perception]

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