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If you are a graduate or an undergraduate student who has a passion for using technology to help others contact us!


Undergraduates are welcome and do not have to have any prior experience.


If you would like to join our group contact the director Dr. Lok at lok@cise.ufl.edu

Current People



"My passion is to use virtual reality technology to help everyone learn to communicate more effectively with other people. By doing so, I hope we improve our community and our world by being more empathetic with our fellow humans.  I am the director of VERG and coordinate the research projects of the group."


Benjamin Lok, Ph.D. 

Group Director

Andrew Cordar

"I am a 5th year PhD student.My passion is creating compelling virtual human experiences. I am currently working on improving healthcare professionals' interpersonal skills in the operating room through team training with virtual humans."

Stephanie Carnell

"I’m a second year PhD student researching the language we use when we speak to virtual humans. I love this topic and working with virtual humans because they give me a chance to use knowledge from a variety of disciplines in combination with concepts from computer science. In addition to my work with language, I am also working on a project with several psychologists that concerns how doctors’ biases affect treatment for patients suffering from pain. "

Carson Dolbier

"I'm a 4th year undergrad student. I enjoy video games, virtual
environments, and emerging technology. I am currently working on the PTSD project in which we are creating an environment for veterans who have PTSD in which patients are helped reintegrate into society."

Rahul Mehta

"I am a master's student in computer science who likes to work with cool projects that can help make a difference. I am working on a MOSI museum exhibit which teaches people about certain medical ailments by getting them to interact with virtual humans."

Jeff Wood

"I am a second year PhD student in computer science. My interests include applying artificial intelligence to virtual humans and communicating with them."

Connor Ericson

"I am a third year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Engineering. I am interested in the many possibilities that virtual experiences have to offer."

Yao Heng

"I am a first year PhD student in Computer Science. I am interested in training and interacting with virtual human and making the virtual scene more realistic."

Naman Rajpal

"I am a grad student studying computer science. I love exploring and learning new technologies. My research interests includes Human Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality. In my free time, I read and play guitar."

Fatemeh Tavassoli

"I am a second year PhD student in Human Centered Computing. My research interests include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Human Computer Interaction. I'd love to use these techniques to help autistic children. As they are naturally attracted to technology, such as robots and screen-based media, we can offer virtual reality exergames to improve their social behaviors."

Alexis Benter

"I am a 5th year Digital Arts and Computer Science student. I am working on the police Crisis Intervention Training project. I am interested in how these virtual simulations can prepare the police for crisis, lower the stigma against mental health problems, and teach de-escalation techniques that could effect the outcome of the incident and ultimately change lives. I love working with the multiple disciplines for this project of CS, digital art, psychology, education, and UF police department to create the most optimal experience."

Kim Huynh

"I am a third year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science.  My current research interests are practical applications of virtual reality, and the different ways that it can advance within science education."

Xiaoming Lu

"I am a third year undegraduate student in computer science. I am interested in virtual and augmented reality. I love to try out new technology."

Samantha Garcia

"I am a first-year Computer Science student interested in Virtual Reality and  Artificial Intelligence. I am working on a way to enhance awareness of dyslexia through simulation in a virtual environment."

The Virtual Experiences Research Group

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