In partnership with faculty members of the University of Florida College of Medicine and the University of Virginia, we have designed a simulation environment for team training. Though the scenarios that have been created for this system typically focus on medical personnel in the operating room,  they can be applied to many situations that involve communication between multiple parties. Below you will find a couple of videos displaying some of the different scenarios that have been developed for our system.




In this scenario, the virtual surgeon attempts to begin a procedure with a high risk of blood loss even though replacement blood isn't available. In a situation like this which can be dangerous for the patient, the nurse or surgical tech is expected to speak up to protect the patient.

Here, anesthesia providers are asked to give a couple of medications to the virtual patient. The anesthesia providers are evaluated on their use of Closed Loop Communication when responding to these requests.

The Plug & Train Team

Benjamin Lok, PhD

Samsun Lampotang, PhD

Adam Wendling, MD

Casey White, MD

A.J. Kleinheksel, PhD

Andrew Cordar, PhD

Jeffrey Wood, Graduate Student

The Virtual Experiences Research Group

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